Benefits of Hosted Voice

The Benefits of Hosted Voice

A hosted solution has grown far beyond just a phone on a desk.  Although, that is the only equipment that you need, the power that lies in this cloud based solution will fulfill any company’s needs.  Regardless of the plan or device you choose, you have any or all of these features at your disposal:

  • Unlimited Support & Upgrades – We don’t forget about you the day after you sign the contract like some others do.  We are there when you need help.
  • Efficiency and Affordability – If you have ever priced out a small to medium business premise voice solution, our deals will be music to your ears.  Our solutions are typically less expensive than the annual maintenance of most other premise phone systems.
  • Reliability – Our network is built on the best in class equipment from companies like Cisco, Broadsoft, IBM and ACME Packet.  It is also a geo-redundant solution meaning you stay up and running no matter what.
  • Minimal Capital Expense – Pay for what you use.  Your costs are phones, licenses and usage.  There are no hidden fees and the phones are open standard SIP devices meaning you can use them with another provider.
  • Easy Management Tools – Your administrator gets the same access to the backend system for your company than we do.  That way, you can maintain the parts you want to be able to quickly change and we can take care of the rest.
  • Redundant Call Routes – With our solution, you can utilize your existing internet connection to make your voice calls.  If you can’t afford to have voice downtime, we can handle a second internet connection from another provider so that if one goes down, your calls will route over the secondary circuit.
  • Datacenter Hosted – We take your business seriously so we host our equipment in two large datacenters, one in Philadelphia, PA and the second in Las Vegas, NV.  We connect your office phones to the nearest datacenter, but in the case of a catastrophic failure, your service will come up on the secondary with minimal downtime.
  • Multi-site or Home Office Users – If you operate out of more than one location or you have employees that primarily work out of a home office, our hosted solution allows all to participate in the same communication platform.  Have full extension dialing and resource sharing for all regardless of location.
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