• Small Business Voip Phone System

    Neo Voiceworks provides a fully managed and data
    center hosted solution to businesses of any size. We
    offer enterprise class features and call redundancies
    that are just not possible with traditional voice
    carriers. Contact us today for a free consultation at


Voicemail to Email

Stay connected wherever you go. Our service includes the option to send all voicemails to your email as an attachment which can be played on any mobile device or computer. No need to dial in to get your messages and easy to forward to another employee.

Fax Via Email

Send and receive faxes directly from your inbox. There is no more need to maintain hardware and replace toner, and best yet, you can simply forward faxes as attachments to other employees. Outbound faxing is just as easy, even with attachments.

Extension to Mobile

Whenever you are waiting for an important call, it always comes when you step out of the office. This no longer needs to be the case with our mobile bridging feature. Ring any phone when someone dials your extension including your mobile device.

Auto Attendant

Love it or hate it, the auto attendant is the best way to get callers to the correct person without having a dedicated operator. Build simple to complex call trees to ring to extensions, groups, even outside lines like mobile devices.


Fully Managed Solution

We have an intuitive web portal for those that want to take control of their voice solution. For those that would rather focus on their own business, we have a support number and email for any requests to change or modify your settings.

Data Center Hosting

We operate our phone equipment in two major data centers across the US. Your services are connected to the site physically closest to your location, but in the event of a major outage or failure, services will automatically be brought back online at the surviving datacenter.

Multi-Level Redundancy

The most likely outage will be an internet provider. So we provide the capability to support multiple providers and equipment that can failover automatically in the event of an outage. If both fail, our service can route all inbound calls to other lines such as mobile devices or other offices if available.