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Bandwidth costing

BYOB(Bring your own Bandwidth)

Not what you were thinking?

How to determine internet bandwidth and concurrent calls

The Neo Voiceworks solution is carrier neutral, that is, you can use any service provider that gets you to the internet.  Below is the calculation you can use to roughly determine the call capacity for the bandwidth you are purchasing.

First, let’s go over the variables.  A voice call that is uncompressed will use about 80kbs of bandwidth.  Second, some services provide asynchronous bandwidth, meaning a much lower upload speed than the download speed.  Although this is not as prevalent  anymore, we will always look at the smaller number since voice is a two way street.

Here is a simple example.  Your service is 50Mbps download and 10Mbps Upload.  We throw out the download and look at the upload speed of 10Mbps, or 10000Kbps.

Now, a simple math problem of 10000 / 80 gives us 125.

So in a perfect world and with no other traffic on your internet circuit, you could conceivably have 125 concurrent calls with this amount of bandwidth.  Since perfection is never reality, you should only expect half of this or less unless you are using a dedicated circuit for voice.  Otherwise, when Joe in accounting is streaming some videos in his office, your voice quality may be impacted.  Here is a simple chart of typical internet services, their “perfect world” concurrent calls(Virtual Paths) and some cost information:

Comcast FiOS ADSL T1
Speed (Mbps) 50/10 25/5 3/768Kbps 1.54/1.54
Virtual Paths 125 62 9 19
Monthly Cost $189 $99 $59 $450
Cost per 1 Mbps $18.90 $19.80 $76.82 $292.20
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