Managed and Monitored


Managed and Monitored

When considering a voice solution, there are many factors to take into account.  Most Voice over IP solutions are fundamentally the same.  There may be differences in where they are hosted, what equipment and operating system they run on and features available to the customer, but the most important is how the system is managed and monitored.

The Neo Voiceworks business solution is monitored 24/7 at your premise router.  This means that we can often detect issues before you notice their impact and whether they are system related, internet connectivity or otherwise.  Proactive measures can be taken to assure that the likelihood of a disruptive outage are kept at a minimum.

We also offer a 100% managed solution.  Some companies actually charge you to do the common tasks of moves, add and changes which can be required all the time.  We also give you the full ability to make these changes yourself, but our support staff is always available to either walk you through the process or just take care of it for you, your choice.  So, whether you are the type who like to do things your way on your schedule, or the type that doesn’t want to be bothered with the how’s and why’s of your business voice solution, we have a way to make it work.

Together, the Neo Voiceworks managed and monitored solution will put you and your company in the best position to enjoy the many benefits of a hosted Voice over IP solution without the common pitfalls of some lesser equipped solutions.  Don’t buy into the fact that some much more expensive solutions are better because they are more reliable.  T1 costs are still sky high and due to a drop in demand, the big telecom providers are not maintaining these lines to justify the cost.  Issues like this and this are becoming more and more the new normal for outdated copper circuits.