Hosted Voice Solutions

Hosted Voice Solutions

The Question

The growing trend in business voice is to move away from traditional copper lines and T-1’s to supply your company with voice services and towards Voice over IP(VoIP).  As bandwidth gets cheaper and faster, companies should look to put more services onto the internet circuit since it is probably not working as hard as it could with your current load of websites and emails.  Not to mention, as people migrate away from the old way of doing voice, those left behind are seeing increases in their costs due to the lower demand.  Don’t get left behind.  A good case in point is the pay phone as mobile phones became the standard.

So we got your attention, great.  What is “Hosted Voice Solutions”?   Is this a Cloud Based Phone System?  What is a Voice over IP Hosted Solution?  Good questions.  We will get to that soon, but let’s first lay the groundwork for justifying the change.

Hosted Voice Solutions

If you have every purchased a phone system, that is, a physical chunk of hardware that sits in your office and delivers your inbound and outbound calls to the right location, then you can skip this part.  For the rest, here’s the bottom line, they are EXPENSIVE!   There are many components to consider, do you have T1s? do you want digital sets? IP sets? do you have an operator with an expensive console? do you want proprietary hardware?  All this adds up to thousands of dollars, and that’s for a small system.  My last company had a very good brand phone system that served about 200 employees and cost well over $200,000 so if you go this route, brace yourself.  After you drop that kind of cash, you will also need maintenance which can cost upwards of 10% of your investment per year….FOREVER.

Moves Adds & Changes

OK, so we covered the cost, what else?  The maintenance contract that you sign will cover things that break or no longer work.  What if you need a change to the system?  Unless you are the only company that retains the same employees with no changes, you will need to alter names, extensions, maybe delete some users.  Maybe you want a change to where certain calls route in the system.  Well these are called MAC’s(Moves, Adds, and Changes) and they will not be included in your basic maintenance package.  It is not uncommon for your friendly phone support company to hit you for $100 or more per change.

The Answer

If you’re still reading, good, you should be.  There is an alternative.

As the internet grew and connectivity got better and faster, a new platform developed to solve the above mentioned issues.  What if a company made the investment in a huge phone system that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, then they hired people to go out and sell chunks of the system to companies in need?  They would create smaller private phone systems within their large phone system with all the same capabilities expected from the expensive on premise systems.  I would then approach companies like yours offering to setup and manage your phone system for you, including all the maintenance and MACs that you wanted for one price.  And that brings us to here.  Neo Voiceworks Hosted Voice Solutions allows for central management of the phone system leaving you with just phones on the desk and no worries.

But wait, there’s more!

Now that you’ve decided to host your phone system with us, we can offer you even more.  What happens if your power goes out, internet circuit goes down, or even if there’s bad weather and everyone wants to stay home?  Time to close right?  Wrong.  Remember the Cloud Based Phone System question?  We have the ability to take your calls and deliver them somewhere else.  It can be to another office if you have one, your home office, or even your cell phone.  And you don’t need to wait for a disaster to do any of these features by the way.  Maybe you have salespeople who don’t come to the office.  We have low cost extension plans that send calls to up to five devices so you can track your salespeople down whether they’re on the road, in the home office or down at the beach.

And don’t think for a second that you buy this product and we leave you out in the cold on your own.  The Hosted Voice Solution is a fully managed Voice Over IP Solution which means that we are there whenever you need us.  If you like to work and manage it yourself, be our guest, but we are always here if you need us or get in a jam.

Call us today for more information.  We will provide you with a free quote to replace your old phone system today.