Typical deployments of a hosted voice solution will give you redundancy by having the ability to access the voice server over multiple provider circuits.  That being the case, an outage is rare, but in the case that there is a wide spread option, our solution has a failover survivability solution.  Consider the possibility of a long power outage that outlasts the battery backup or, if only using one internet connection, an outage that lasts half of the day.  We can take your calls and deliver them elsewhere when your office is offline.  As shown, this can be to another office, to your cell phone, home phone or any other location where you may want to receive calls.  Even if you do nothing, your customers will never get the dreaded busy signal ever again.  The diagrams below try to express this visually:


And now…the new way!


The choice is yours as to where these calls go.  Never miss a call again.   That is survivability in the modern office.