Redundant Connectivity

Two are almost always better than one.  When depending on your business internet connection for more and more services these days, a company owner needs to weigh the cost of an additional circuit against the potential losses from an extended outage.  Some providers are better than others, and some locations only have access to certain providers.  This will also weigh into the decision as to what approach is taken.

In our opinion, a business’s voice communications are very important.  Not only is it critical to take sales and support calls effectively, but the sound of a busy signal can be devastating to the business’s reputation.  Therefore, our suggestion is always to procure two separate internet circuits with two different providers.  Our business class voice routers have the ability to detect an outage and failover to a secondary circuit.  This can effectively take a 98 – 99% uptime that one provider gives you and makes it 99.99% leaving only a complete disaster as a possible scenario that takes out both circuits or your location.  We have that covered as well by giving you the quick ability to reroute all calls to a secondary location or any other number so that your customers do not have a negative experience.