Dynamic Voice Hosting


Neo Voiceworks is a dynamic voice hosting solution that is maintained on multiple server clusters throughout the country.  Your company can run on either our servers in Las Vegas or Philadelphia, whichever is closer to keep the latency at the lowest number possible.  If you’ve had bad experiences with other providers that will not be mentioned here, this may very well be the culprit.  Most people think of bandwidth only when considering their internet connectivity, but voice will require a careful look at latency as well.  By connecting your endpoints to the closest facility, we cut down on the round trip time that is required for voice to traverse the internet.  What that equates to is a better VoIP experience than most other providers can offer.

Latency aside, we are also able to transition your business voice from one host site to another in the case of an outage at one of our data centers.  Unlikely as this may be, we consider it an added layer of protection to keep your service up and unaffected.  All changes are dynamically updated from one site to the other throughout the day meaning you will have the same experience regardless of where your service is running.  This changeover, if required, can happen very quickly making downtime a thing of the past.

All in all, our dynamic voice hosting solution will alleviate 99.99% of possible outages due to datacenter facility failure.  We hope this makes you more comfortable about making the switch to Neo Voiceworks hosted voice.