Bandwidth Agnostic Connectivity

Bandwidth Agnostic Connectivity


Some providers require you to purchase expensive T-1’s from them claiming that it is the only way to guarantee success.  This may have been the case 10 years ago, but internet bandwidth has become faster, more reliable and simply better overall than it was 10 years ago.  Adding to the sting of the requirement to buy a T1 that can be used for nothing beside voice service, the cost of these circuits are still outrageous and provide a puny 1.5Mb of connectivity.  Our bandwidth agnostic solution allows you the freedom to shop around and choose the best option for your business.  Today’s standard installs are 25Mb, 50Mb or even more and there is no contest on the cost per Mb for your company.  Using a voice compatible router at your site location, we are able to prioritize the voice traffic over your data traffic to keep all those packets together which cuts down on choppy voice and poor quality.

Compared to the costs of a T1, $350 per month in some cases, it is possible for our customers to purchase two internet services for less money than the single T1.  Our router is able to use both circuits to protect your business from a simple internet outage that affects one of your providers.  We have seen cases where we know about the outage before the customer does because our voice services simply fail over to the secondary circuit.  So who in their right mind would want to be tied into antiquated, slow technology like T1s?

We are currently working with the following providers:


Verizon Fios

Time Warner


and more.  Call today to discuss what is available in your area as we work with several communications partners to get you the service you need.