About Neo Voiceworks

Neo Voiceworks


Neo Voiceworks was founded as a subcompany of Neo Dataworks which has been operating as a voice over IP consulting company since 2011.  In 2014, we decided to offer our brand of voice which would be different from the other companies that we previously represented as it’s primary focus would be on service after the sale.  Many of our current customers came to us because of  a service related issue with their previous provider.  There are many VoIP providers out there, so we aim to be the best in answering our customers questions in the most timely manner.

It’s All In The Network

Network Security

Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the VoIP field.  We also have a background in networking and network security which play vital roles in the voice deployment.  For if your connectivity and routing do not work properly, you are in for a bad experience.  The goal with new customers is to place them in the best position to have the best possible experience with voice over IP and to gain their trust in the platform.  This is most likely the future of business voice as the traditional POTS lines and copper T-1s fade into history.

Top Tier Support


Our product is fully managed by our experienced staff.  There are occasional issues with VoIP, mainly in the routes.  These are the paths that your calls will take over the internet and associated circuits as they reach their destination.  We pride ourselves on resolving business impacting issues within two hours of reporting.  Also, fully managed means fully managed.  That means you don’t need to learn how to operate our backend system even though all the tools are there for your use.  You can simply open a ticket, email our support staff or even, get this, CALL us if you need help.  We are happy to make changes to your call routing, extensions or any other facet of the voice system that you want to change.  Just explain to us what you want to do, and most likely, it’s a possibility.